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Brass Nozzle Box BHN-04
Brass Hose Nozzle Shower

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Brass Hose Nozzle - Ultimate High Pressure Garden Water Car Washer Nozzle - Adjustable Variable Sprayer Spray Mist Shower Jet Sweeper - Heavy Duty Solid Brass Leak Proof - Best of All Nozzles - Made in USA Quality You Can Feel - Lifetime Guarantee

  • Quality leak proof design
  • Heavy duty two part construction from solid brass
  • Non-Breakable!
  • No plastic or rubber parts to creak, break, or fall apart
  • Adjustable from fine mist to shower spray to powerful pressure jet stream
  • IncludesBONUS sweeper nozzle included for FREE a second powerful high pressure sweeper nozzle for blasting off sidewalk & driveway or cleaning gutters
  • Replaceable front and rear O-ring seals for leakproof shutoff
  • Proudly Made In USA!
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Brass Hose Nozzle Shower